Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Travel To Australia Together For One Direction’s OTRA Tour

We hope that you are all sitting comfortably because we have some pretty massive news: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been spotted traveling together for the first time in three, THREE, years


The two boys had been enjoying some quiet time in Los Angeles together following Harry’s 21st birthday party on Saturday, and last night they were both spotted jetting out from LAX to Australia ahead of One Direction’s opening night for their On The Road Again tour on Saturday.

Harry and Lou are the final two members of 1D to fly out, with Zayn Malik leaving London earlier yesterday, and Liam Payne and Niall Horan already in Oz with the band’s support act, McBusted.

Although Harry appears to get papped everywhere he goes, 23-year-old Lou is seemingly trained in doing things incognito, rarely being spotted as he travels from country to country, and even managing to spend the majority of his time in LA completely MIA.

So it’s pretty exciting that the high-cheekboned one opted to not only use the public entrance to the airport, but also happily posed for pictures with fans as he and Hazza made their way through check in.

We just hope that the boys have brought plenty of things to entertain eachother with on the bloomin’ long flight down under…

Although it isn’t unusual for One Direction to travel alongside another member, Harry and Louis haven’t been spotted boarding a plane together since 2012, which, by the way, was flippin’ YONKS ago.

So you can understand why last night was a little bit iconic, in fact, we reckon the 4th of February should be declared as some kind of national holiday in tribute…. Or is that taking things a little bit too far?

We still have a few hours to go until the boys land in Sydney, but here’s hoping for many-a-HQ-photo when they do.

Enjoy the flight, Harry and Louis, enjoy the flight.

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