Harry Styles And Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Are ‘Firm Friends’, Plus We Love Harry’s Man Bun

Even the rock legend can’t get enough of Harry!

Harry Styles appears to be BFFs with everybody from Zach Braff to Rod Stewart.

But now he can add yet another superstar to his Christmas card list because he and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones are apparently getting rather chummy.

We think it’s because Harry is the SPITTING IMAGE of a young Mick, so much so that he was even reportedly asked to play the rockstar in a biopic of his life.

That’s how you know it’s an uncanny resemblance. 

Even though Mick is over 50 years older than the 20-year-old popstar, they’ve found that they have a load of stuff in common aside from their faces, and even chat regularly on the phone according to a mystery insider.

The source told the Sun: “Harry made it clear he was a big fan of Mick but never expected he’d take any notice. But people kept telling Mick how much Harry looked like a younger version of him so he started to investigate One Direction.”

But it doesn’t look like the 70-year-old will be bopping along to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ any time soon, because apparently One Direction as a band just aren’t his type.

“Mick’s not a massive fan of their music because he’s a rocker to the core,” the source continued, “but he thinks they’re lovely young lads and took a shine to Harry.

“He invited him to a special party during the Stones’ tour and they instantly hit it off.

“They swapped numbers and now regularly phone each other just to chat. Harry can’t believe it.”

Special parties, swapping numbers, and chatting on the phone?

Do they have slumber parties and braid eachother’s hair too?

But before you go thinking that the age gap means Mick is taking on a fatherly teacher role in Harry’s then think again, because this friendship is genuine.

The insider revealed: “It’s very much a friendship. Mick isn’t trying to be a mentor or anything like that, which is why Harry likes him so much.”

And maybe the reason Mick likes Harry so much, aside from the fact that Harry is lovely and wonderful OBVIOUSLY, is because looking at him is like looking in a mirror of eternal youth for the rockstar? 

But as cool as Mick Jagger looked in his heyday, he never quite reached the same status as Harry when it comes to trendy hairstyles.

The curly-haired star has caused a stir among fans by pulling his luscious locks into a pretty well groomed man bun. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their appreciation of his new look and we have to say that we totally agree:

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