Harry Styles Apparently Got Nadine Leopold’s Initials Tattooed Onto Him, Alright Then

According to new reports, Harry Styles has got Nadine Leopold’s initials permanently tattooed onto his bod.

Y’know, Nadine? That girl he’s been spotted with a few times but couldn’t possibly JUST. BE. FRIENDS. with?

We actually despair, but let’s hear the ominous source out, shall we?

A mystery insider, who reckons that they’re pretty chummy with Shamrock Tattoo Parlour in Los Angeles, told The Daily Star: “Harry made everyone sign confidentiality agreements so the girl’s letters are a secret at the moment.

“But he had two sets of initials together – ‘HS’ is one of them, of course, but everyone’s saying that the other initials are ‘NL’ – for Nadine Leopold.”

Right, now we have two things to say about this: 1. Everyone had to sign a confidentiality agreement, but this cheeky so-and-so has quickly gone and blabbed to the papers, right, okay then.

2. “Everyone is saying that the other initials are ‘NL’” – Everybody is saying that, eh? But nobody has confirmed? Nobody has confirmed what these super-confidential and lurved up initials inked onto the 21-year-old’s body are?

Well, on that note we’re sure that we all have our own theories as to who the second set of initials might belong to…

The source went on to explain that Harry organised for the tattooist to come to his house in order to keep the ink super duper private, sharing: “Harry used to go to tattoo parlours when he came to LA.

“But he gets mobbed so much that he has an artist fo to his house instead.”

We just hope that the person who the initials belong to was there to hold his hand.

Just in case you weren’t feeling emosh enough over the fact that Harry might have permanently etched a tribute to somebody onto his body, the singer is pretty well known for how much he loves a good ol’ fashioned personal tattoo.

Alongside a whole load of tats that appear to mysteriously align with his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson’s, bodyart, Harry has perm tributes to his mum, Anne, and sister, Gemma, on his bod.

So basically, if he’s getting somebody else’s initials confidentially tattooed, he must love them very much, which is heartwarming to say the least and wonderful to hear.

We’re just not entirely convinced that the initals in question are ‘NL’…

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