Harry Styles’ ‘Beautiful’ Song Written With Gavin DeGraw Is About ‘A Relationship Not Working Out’

If you cast your minds back to around about eleven months ago, you might recall a certain Gavin DeGraw revealing that he’d been in the studio with Harry Styles, writing a pretty beaut song called “Not Our Fault”.

The track was SUPPOSED to be included on Gav’s next studio album, but that seems to have slipped his mind and the world is still yet to hear the joy of this mysterious song.

Boo, hiss etc. etc.

Despite not letting our ears be enlightened by releasing a new single written by the curly-haired one, the American rocker has at least now told us what working with Hazza was like (marvellous, obviously), and even shared the inspiration behind their work together.

Which we suppose will have to do for now, eh?

Having a chinwag with Access Hollywood, Gav said of Harry: “Absolutely talented person; awesome hairdo, right?”


Great introduction, we love where this is going.

The musician went on to add that despite having a super cool rep, he wasn’t afraid of working with somebody as ~mainstream~ as a One Direction member, adding: “I was here in LA and I got a call, ‘Hey, do you want to go in the studio and do some writing and this and that?’

“And I say ‘Yeah of course’, they’re like ‘What do you think of Harry Styles being in on the writing session?’ and I said ‘Yeah, why not? Let’s give it a shot.’

“I’d only heard good things about Harry from other people that I knew and I think it’s important to diversify if you can.”

Of course you’ve only heard ruddy good things about Harry, Gavin, he’s the human equivalent of a tiny, gentle kitten bundled up in cotton wool for Pete’s sake.

Going into more detail, the New Yorker added: “He already is a pop superstar. I was curious, because at the end of the day if you have a bad day in the studio it’s just one day; you can always be like ‘This song sucks, I’m outta here’.

“..We got in the studio and he was really respectful, he was nice. I played for a second; I sang an opening line and he immediately followed it up with another line.

“A few hours later we had the majority of a song completed; it’s beautiful. It’s called Not Our Fault and it’s a winner.”

And what is this ominous tune about?

“It’s about if it doesn’t work out sometimes you can’t necessarily just blame it on yourself,” Gavin shared, “Sometimes it’s what’s going on around you and other things that have nothing to do with the two people involved; it touches on that subject.”

Interestingly, when asked if the track was about one of his or Harry’s relationships, Gavin was quick to divulge: “It’s about me and Harry. 

“I was like ‘I see where this is going, and I don’t think it’s gonna work out.’

“It’s a story for people who do a lot of travelling and have the lifestyles that we have.”

We see, now that that’s been cleared up we can only hope that we will be treated to a listen of this tune sooner rather than later.

Harry really isn’t half-bad at this songwriting malarkey, is he?

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