Harry Styles Becomes Lead Frog In One Direction Children’s Book Following Zayn Malik’s Departure

In news that is totally unsurprising, Harry Styles has been cast as lead frog in a new One-Direction-inspired children’s book.

In slightly more surprising news, the 21 year old has only bagged himself the role following Zayn Malik’s shock decision to quit the band, with the quiet ‘n’ brooding one being the original 1D member to be leading the froggy pack.

Which, to be quite honest, was total blasphemy.

Okay, okay, first a bit of back story; basically, a whole heap of celebs have come together to contribute a storyline to a new book called The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, about a half-girl, half-dinosaur, which will be released in Autumn in aid of Children In Need.

Our five fave lads had obviously been worked into the story alongside the likes of Amanda Holden, Kylie Minogue, and Rod Stewart, playing a band of frogs who go by the rather imaginative name of ‘Pond Direction’, but when Zayn decided to call quits on the band back in March, the illustraters had a bit of a predicament on their hand considering he had taken centre-stage in the story.

A source told The Mirror: “Although there are lots of celebs helping with the book, One Direction are by far the most appealing contributors to young readers so the publishers had to ensure their most popular pages would be up-to-date.”

In short, Zayn has faced the chop and Harry has come bounding forward as the main character and, considering fans have been comparing him to a frog for absolutely yonks, it certainly seems fitting:

We mean, as gutted as we are to be seeing #OT4 slowly replacing #OT5 in every aspect of life, it really was kind of meant to be that Harry would be the main frog in Pond Direction.

Needless to say, we can’t bloomin’ wait to read it.

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