Harry Styles Being ‘Lined Up For Hollywood Blockbuster’ By Leonardo DiCaprio?

Right, you know it’s nonsense, we know it’s nonsense, but regardless of both of those facts, there are rumours flying around involving Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a Norwegian King.

To be honest, we’re just glad that the speculation doesn’t involve a pretty, blonde girl for once….

Rumour has it that acting legend, Leonardo DiCaprio, has been eyeing up young Harry and decided that he is the PERF choice of actor to play a King in his new Hollywood movie.

Although the 21-year-old admittedly gave a rather convincing performance as Marcel in One Direction’s Best Song Ever music video, we are still struggling to see how Leo is so, so sure that the popstar with a penchant for dad shirts and man buns has deep-rooted talent for acting.

We mean, he can barely keep a straight face when asked awkward questions in interviews, how is he going to manage a Hollywood blockbuster?

Anyways, according to this mysterious, know-it-all insider who had a good ol’ natter with The Daily Star, Leo is keen to work around Harry’s 1D commitments, with the source revealing: “All of Hollywood want to get their hands on Harry, he’s hot property at the moment.

“Leo’s plan is to direct the movie, and also star alongside Harry.

“They’ve been friends for a while now, and got chatting recently about Harry’s acting career – Leo would love to be the man to turn him into a movie star.

“Leo’s asked Harry to take the role, but has promised him it won’t interfere with his commitments to One Direction.

“The movie is in its initial stages so a filming schedule would be fit around the band’s tour dates.”

And just in case you were thinking that this entire tale wasn’t suspicious enough, the real-life character that Leo supposedly has in mind for the curly-haired hunk?

King Harald Hardrada of Norway.

You really couldn’t make it up, could you?

Although, word on the street is that the Viking ruler was very tall, so at least he and Harry have a couple of things in common, right?

This isn’t the first time that there have been rumours about Harry being coaxed into accepting a movie role, with everybody in the world seemingly trying to get their mitts on the star.

However, despite the constant baiting from all of these mystery sources and insiders, we reckon Harry is perfectly happy selling out stadium tours with his four ‘brothers’ – and no amount of Leonardo DiCaprio and Harald Hardrada of Norway could keep him away from that.

Even if they WERE willing to work around his super busy schedule.

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