Harry Styles Blasts Fan Who Claimed To Have Met Him… In The Politest Way Ever

He’s pretty much an all round good egg.

Harry Styles did the unthinkable earlier today when he took to Twitter to call out a fan who was lying about him.

The usually incredibly quiet and private Hazza obviously felt that something needed to be said when a certain Brett Hartzell took to Twitter and claimed that he had stolen $100 from Harry at a baseball game.

Why he would want people to think that we actually have no idea.

 20-year-old Harry replied: “I wasn’t at the Tigers game. Cool story though.”


The friendly exchange even continued further, with Brett explaining that the original tweet was an inside joke and also referenced the THOUSANDS of hate tweets that he had recieved from irate Directioners by telling Harry that he had “quite the fanbase.”

To which Haz pleasantly offered some life advice and wished him well:

Seriously, could he be any sweeter??

Inbetween all of this Harry also took the time out to tweet to all of his followers: “Love everybody.”

Which is presumably his passive aggressive way of telling his fans to just chill out and stop sending poor Brett hate.

And also to make our day, because technically Harry Styles just told us that he loved us.


Anyway, Harry has quite the rep in celeb-land for being one of the friendliest and most polite multi-million-pound popstars basically ever to exist, and all this polite exchange did was fuel our love for the cherub-faced singer and leave us hoping that other celebs, *cough* Bieber *cough* take note and realise that there are better ways to deal with conflict than by throwing eggs at people’s houses and the like.

Well done, Harry, you are a good influence to us all. 

Harry and Brett’s exchange appeared to send Twitter into a bit of a fluster and it wasn’t long until #YoureSoLovedHarry was trending worldwide with fans reliving some of the curly-haired popstars sweetest and most adorable moments:

And who can forget when he posed with a fan in the pouring rain last week? Treating the lucky fan to an incredible photograph and all of us to the image of him in a wet white T-Shirt.

Thanks Harry, that was a good day.

In the mean time, who else bets that it took less than 5 minutes for crazed One Direction fans to start tweeting a load of lies about Harry in the hope that he will reply to them?

Because we think the odds are pretty high.


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