Harry Styles Brings Fan With A Broken Arm On Stage To Sign Her Cast, It’s All Kinds Of Adorable

The 30th August chicago date of One Direction’s Where We Are Tour is definitely the one to beat.

Not long ago One Direction brought a little boy called Eric onto the stage to sing him Happy Birthday and make us feel all kinds of soppy emotions at the sight of our favourite ever boyband with kids.

On Saturday instead of Eric, it was Caroline, and instead of to sing Happy Birthday it was to sign the cast on her broken arm.

Yep, the ever-lovely Harry Styles made a young fan’s LIFE when he noticed her, and her rather fetching red cast, among the thousands of fans at the band’s sold out concert. Asking how she broke it, Caroline shyly replies “a bouncy house” (aww) before Harry asks Caroline if he could sign it.



Every fan in attendance suddenly wished that they had broken their arms before the gig as a stunned Caroline was brought on stage and surrounded by all five boys as they chatted to her, signed her cast, and gave her massive One Direction hugs.

We bet falling funny on a bouncy house, having to go to A&E and wear a cast for the next few weeks is all totally worth it now, right Caroline?

If this were us, that cast would never be coming off.

The 1D fun on the 30th August didn’t stop there, but it moved from the adorable to the darn right smouldering as Liam ‘Selfie King’ Payne just couldn’t resist taking a fan’s phone and snapping a few pouty self portraits for her viewing pleasure.

Apart from, it might not be for her viewing pleasure as he got the phone by the fan chucking it onto the stage, so how/ if she got it back – or how she is going to explain it all to her parents – we will never know.

But we certainly are thankful that somebody got the phone and had the good decency to share the images with the rest of us, cheers Directioner – we owe you one.

Anyways, Liam soon got Zayn Malik involved in the amateur photoshoot (erm, boys haven’t you got songs to sing or something?),  and they took some shots that Tyra Banks herself would be proud of.

Liam Payne, you are America’s Next Top Model. 

Please don’t ever change.


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