Harry Styles Continues To Celebrate America’s Gay Marriage Ruling At One Direction Concert #LoveWins

On Friday afternoon, the entire world appeared to be celebrating as America announced that they had finally made same-sex marriage a constitutional right across every single state, just in time for Pride celebrations across the globe.

It was a pretty exciting and rainbow-laden day, to be honest.

Among all of us ordinary people who were absolutely ecstatic to hear about the supreme court’s ruling, there were also a whole load of those famous celebrity types who took to their social media pages to congratulate America, with One Direction star, Harry Styles, being one of the most vocal of supporters.

As soon as he heard the good news, the 21 year old took to his Twitter page to write: “Huge day for America.. Happy to see the news. All the love.”

He then brightened up his notoriously black and white MazSight page with a very bright, very colourful, photo of the rainbow-coloured Pride flag, no caption necessary.

And it looks as though One Direction’s Helsinki audience last night were also in serious celebration mode, with the band’s fans dressing up in bright colours and brandishing colourful flowers, much to the boys’ delight.

However, arguably the most heartwarming moment from last night’s show, which marks the end of the european leg of the On The Road Again Tour, came when Harry sat down opposite a fan, 23-year-old Jacky, who was holding up a sign that simply read: “#LoveWins”, a tribute to the hashtag that accompanied America’s monumental ruling on Friday.

Upon reading the sign, Harry visibly softened before replying to Jacky: “Always.”, all of which was caught on camera, y’know, just to ensure that we all got maximum feels from Harry ‘The Angel’ Styles.

This is by no means the first time that Harry has been vocally supportive of LGBT+ rights, with the young star previously taking to his Twitter account to write the poignant: “Despite the company outside, I believe in equal rights for everyone.

“I think God loves all. Thanks for coming to the show though.” when the boys’ show was picketed by the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church back in 2013.

Last year Harry also celebrated the first openly gay NFL footballer, Michael Sam, by wearing his jersey when One Direction performed in his home state.

The big-hearted babe’s ongoing and incredibly open support for the LGBT+ community has been hugely inspirational for One Direction’s fans, with thousands and thousands of pounds being raised for the London Lesbian And Gay Switchboard in honour of his birthday earlier this year.

All we have to say is, Harry Styles – please don’t ever change.

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