Harry Styles’ Cousin Set For X Factor Superstardom

Talk about keeping it in the family.

Harry Styles’ cousin Ben Snelley has been tipped for mega X Factor success after his band Concept were reportedly fast tracked to the boot camp stages of the competition.

It’s believed that rather queue with the rest of the wannabes producers gave the boys’ a golden ticket straight through to the second stages of the telly talent show.

So basically, Simon gave them the X Factor equivalent of Speedy Boarding.

Partly thanks to being associated with the curly bonced one the band have quite the following already on Twitter (82.5k followers!) and it’s believed it was their account which caught the eye of producers.

Concept are reported to be a ‘rockier version’ of One D. Sounds edgy and we like it.

However, of COURSE they are totally not planning on hanging onto One Direction’s mighty successful coat tails and are keen to carve their own reputation NOT by association.

“They didn’t want to use Harry’s fame and success to get them through the competition,” a source told The Mirror.

Still, apparently Harry is keen to lend his support and expertise – after all One Direction did come THIRD in the show back in 2010.

“He’s very supportive and has been offering them lots of advice and support.  He knows exactly what Ben’s going through at this time,” the source added.   

However, cousin or not, no one could possibly come close to replacing the Styles in our heart although we might have room for a ‘rockier version’ depending on how fit they are.

The new series kicks off NEXT Saturday! 

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