Harry Styles DID NOT Send Taylor Swift 1,989 Red Roses – CAN EVERYONE JUST CHILL OUT NOW

OK everyone, let’s just all stop freaking out for 5 minutes and sit down and have a cup of tea. Infamous curly-haired sex machine Harry Styles DEFINITELY DID NOT send his former flame Taylor Swift 1,989 red roses this month.

Thank god – could you imagine the Interflora bill on that?

The internet was ablaze with apoplexy and hysteria last week (to be honest, so were we), as rumours surfaced that Harry felt a teeny-bit bad about the whole ‘Haylor’ termination years back, and decided he should do the honourable thing.

Oh, and congratulate her on the mind-boggling success of her new album, 1989, too. See what they did there with the number of roses? THOSE CLEVER LITTLE RUMOUR-MILL MONKEYS.

A source, who had a good ol’ natter with New weekly Magazine last Monday, was absolutely certain that the 20-year-old One Direction star was totally infatuated with TayTay, and although we’re sure some of you may have dismissed this as complete nonsense, we thought we should hear them out.

“Harry has been plaguing Taylor with texts and calls, begging for a rematch,” The insider dished,  adding all that spiel about the gazillions of roses, and all.

Sitting down with Niall Horan’s twin – better known as Ellen DeGeneres (we KNOW we’re not the only ones to see it) – Harry himself addressed the rumour.

Like a blonde haired, better dressed Jeremy Paxman, our homegirl Ellen asked Hazza: “Here’s the latest rumour, that you gave Taylor Swift 1,989 roses because of her 1989 album doing well. Do you know anything about that rumour?”

And guess what Mr. Styles had to say for himself?

“I don’t. I know nothing about the rumour. I don’t know anything about the roses – I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely taken the credit.”

Well there goes our hopes of Haylor PT.2, then.

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