Harry Styles ‘Finds One Direction Immature’ And Is Planning His Escape?

This cannot possibly be true… can it?
Harry Styles 'Finds One Direction Immature' And Is Planning His Escape?
By MazSight

There is a truly frightening story doing the rounds today that Harry Styles is living a separate life from his One Direction band mates and is ‘planning his escape’.

heat magazine report that Harry finds his band mates ‘immature’ and would rather spend time with his hairstylist Lou Teasdale while on tour.

 “Harry’s quite a loner and an old soul and finds the other boys quite immature. He prefers to spend time with his security team or Lou. It doesn’t feel like he has too much in common with his band mates,” a band source told the mag.

“So Harry is looking at his options right now. He has a new life in LA with lots of offers on the table as a solo artist.”

And apparently the video leak of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson only served as a catalyst to how Harry was already feeling.

“He was livid about that video but even before the scandal he was taking a step back from the group. He’s had a separate plane taking him to gigs and is spending all his time working on his ‘personal projects’ – as he calls his songwriting,” the source says.

heat’s insider goes as far to say that their planned On The Road Again Tour which is will run from February to April 2015 might be their last:

“They have a five-album deal and a Greatest Hits would be number five.”

We guess the only time we will find out the truth will be on Big Reunion in ten years time.

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