Harry Styles Fuels Sexuality Rumours After Calling Patrick Dempsey ‘Outrageously Handsome And Steamy’

God bless One Direction promo tours.

Harry Styles has been on a one-man mission to give us mini-heart attacks throughout his latest round of interviews.

It all started when our fave curly haired popstar hinted that he was attracted to men when he said that gender was “not that important” when it came to a significant other…

It intensified when he told his bandmate Niall Horan “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” in reference to sleeping with a man…

… And now he has full-on fangirled over actor Patrick Dempsey, calling him – wait for it – “handsome and steamy”.

Harry and Niall were chatting to australian radio show hosts Fitzy and Wippa when they were asked if they have ever been left starstruck by another celebrity. 

Niall replied: “We were at the AMAs the other day and Patrick Dempsey gave us an award.”

Before Harry quipped: “He is outrageously handsome, he is truly.

“You look at him and go ‘wow’.”

Asked if Patrick was ‘McSteamy’ (Erm, actually that’s Eric Dane but we’ll let you off), the 20-year-old actually LICKED HIS LIPS before adding: “Yeah, he is steamy as well.”

Ooft, does somebody need some alone time with a Grey’s Anatomy boxset, Hazza?

And what would Louis say?

Once the men were all Patrick Dempseyed out, the conversation naturally turned to another dreamy actor, with the boys being asked if they had ever met super-hunk Ryan Gosling.

A slightly disappointed-looking Harry replied: “I’ve not been graced with his presence but we wish him all the best with his recent childbirth.”

Ever the gent, but we reckon that Haz is just as devvo’d as we are that Eva Mendes nabbed him first.

One Direction have been in Australia to promote their fourth studio album, erm, ‘Four’, with their trip peaking at yesterday’s ARIAs where they scooped an award for ‘Best International Artist’, but unfortunately Mr. Dempsey was not the one to present them with the honour this time around.

And even more unfortunately, the boys have now officially left Australia which has pretty much destroyed all of our dreams of them making a surprise appearance in the I’m A Celebrity… jungle.

Ah well, there’s always next year we suppose. 

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