Harry Styles Gets MOBBED At LAX Airport – And Very Nearly Misses Kendall Jenner

“HONK, HONK, OUTTA THE WAY – BOY BAND MEMBER COMING THROUGH” – this is what we like the think comes out of the tannoy at LAX Airport every time Harry Styles breezes through in his trusty fedora hat and blacked-out sunnies.

Well to be honest, we’re starting to think it might have to be introduced anyway as a health and safety precaution.

The poor little lamb looked like he was been jostled and shoved all over the place as he landed in california for a little break ahead of the One Direction world tour that’s starting this year.

And despite there being like, BILLIONS of female fans screaming his name at the airport, there was one particular lady that Hazza happened to miss during his sojourn through the duty-free airport shopping area – none other than his ex, Kendall Jenner.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star/part-time model and full-time babe narrowly missed un-buttoned shirt enthusiast Harry at the airport, as she had flewn in from Dubai just moments apart from the singer.

What a time to work for airport security, eh?

Next time, we’d suggest Harry take a body-double with him to prevent a further escalation of events witnessed today. We don’t want that fedora going missing now, do we?

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