Harry Styles’ Grandma Has Passed Away

*Sends BIG hugs*

Harry Styles had to attend his grandmothers funeral yesterday, after she had passed away this week at the age of 86.


With #RIPNannyS trending all Saturday morning on Twitter, Harry’s dad – Des Styles – confirmed the sad news that both Harry and his sister Gemma had to attend the funeral of  their grandmother Beryl Styles – known to the family as ‘Nanny S’.

Taking to Twitter, Des thanked the fans for their support, and informed Harry’s fans that Beryl had been poorly for a long time, so it was sort-of expected – “Mum was 86 and poorly a long time so it was coming but still sad when it does. She is at peace now though”.

Neither Harry, his sister Gemma, or any of his One Direction bandmates gave any specific mention about the funeral yesterday,  but thousands of fans were willing to offer their support to the family regardless.

Gabe Bergado

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