Harry Styles Had A Gay Affair With President Barack Obama According To US Magazine

Both Harry Styles and President Barack Obama have been at the centre of MANY far-fetched rumours in the past, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that this is the craziest and most hilarious of them all.

According to US supermarket tabloid, national Examiner, the curliest-haired member of the world‘s biggest boyband, and the actual leader of the USA embarked on a top-secret affair behind the First Lady’s back.

While we are not the type to dismiss rumours at the flick of a wrist, we have to be honest and say that this is perhaps the most hilariously ridic story that we have ever heard.

…And is it wrong that a tiny part of us kinda hopes that it’s true? #Barry

The mag in question claims that the President’s marriage to Michelle Obama, is a complete and utter sham – which is a conspiracy that the Obamas’ have been faced with pretty much since day one.

However, the unsusual turn of events, and no doubt a complete lolz-worthy surprise for Obama, is that he has apparently had sex with twenty-year-old Harry Styles.

What would Louis say??

And more importantly, what would Obama’s children say considering they are such huge fans of One Direction?

In fact, fifteen-year-old Malia was spotted full-on fangirling when she traveled to watch the boys perform on the Washington leg of their tour, and it was previously reported that 1D had turned down the chance to perform at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll back in 2012.

They were personally offered the opportunity by Mrs. Obama when she bumped into the lads at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, with a spokesperson for the band saying at the time that they had to decline due to scheduling conflicts.

However, now that this juicy piece of TOTALLY legit goss (LOL) has come to light, could the real reason be that Harry was just worried about the obvious sexual chemistry between himself and Mr. President?

Because if this mag is to believed, that is a highly likely possibility. 

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