Harry Styles Has Lunch With Female Friend, Nadine Leopold, So OBVIOUSLY They’re Dating

Harry Styles is one of the most famous people on the entire planet, so it’s kind of a given that there will probs be gossip and speculation surrounding him pretty much anywhere he goes.

However, you have to admit that it’s getting a bit ridiculous how he can’t even be within a five foot radius of a pretty girl without everybody thinking that he is dating her.

We mean seriously, give the guy a break.

The rumour mill went into overdrive last night when photos of the twenty-year-old enjoying lunch with stunning model, Nadine Leopold, AND OTHER FRIENDS, began to circulate online alongside a snap of Harry getting some balloons out of his car for the twenty-one-year-old’s birthday.

Obvz this means that they’re getting married and moving to the country, right?

Geez, we’re never going to buy our pals a birthday balloon again if it secretly means that we want to bonk them…

This isn’t the first time that the One Direction star and Nadine have been spotted together in recent months, with speculation first kicking off when they duo were caught in New York, with Harry wearing the beauty’s trendy fur coat on a night out.

Again, another solid sign of upcoming nuptials, duh.

Our least favourite part of this whole HARRY IS A LOTHARIO PLAYBOY WHO IS SLEEPING WITH EVERYBODY kinda thing, that’s been going on for the past four years, is that it’s seriously overtaking literally everything else about him.

Like the fact that he is absolutely lovely to everybody and has all the time in the world for his fans, and that actually, he is a super nice guy who tells dad jokes and wouldn’t harm a fly -  not this heartbreaking Casanova that people seem to want him to be.

Especially around this time of year, winter girlfriend anybody?

In short, Nadine is seriously gorge and we’re sure that she’s a really great person considering Harry clearly enjoys spending time with her, however, he also enjoy spending time with plenty of other people so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh?

After all, we all have our own theories on who really owns Harry’s heart, don’t we?


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