Harry Styles Is Apparently Dating ‘Normal’ LA Girl Joy Muggli, Oh Okay Then

If there is anything in the world that gets discussed more than Harry Styles’ love life then we would like to know what it is, because it seems as though the poor lad can’t go five ruddy minutes without being linked to a new mystery lady.

Although to be fair, of recent weeks it has been Louis Tomlinson who has had his nights out with the gals splashed all over the headlines.

True to what happens every time One Direction are relieved of their, erm, One Direction duties, Harry was quick to jet off to sunny Los Angeles when he finished the first leg of the band’s On The Road Again Tour back on April 4th.

However, sources at Heat magazine now reckon that he’s been getting his fro-yo on with another lucky lady whilst keeping himself out of the limelight, and for once the girl in question isn’t a superstar model/ singer/ celeb, but ‘normal’ talent agent Joy Muggli, who incidentally turns 23 today.

What a batch of rumours to wake up to on your special day, eh?

Anyways, Heat discovered the following things that directed them to the word LURVE:

1. They Both Love Pingu

Pretty Joy has the word ‘PINGU’ permanently emblazoned across her arm in the form of a big ol’ tattoo, of course we all know that Harry has a much smaller version of the word inked next to his armpit

.So they both love one of the world’s best-loved penguins, to be bloomin’ honest, who doesn’t?

2. They Have The Same Pals

Appaz Joy and Harry met via Jeff Azoff (does Jeff need an introduction?) and both of ‘em hanged out at Jeff’s partay back in January. She is also good friends with 1D’s guitarist, Dan Richards, with the two tweeting eachother on occasion.


3. They Went On A Golf Mini-Break Together…

…Apparently. Back in April, Harry was papped enjoying a coffee with a mystery girl, who covered her face with a cap, at the exclusive Madison Club in La Quinta, Palm Springs, where Harry enjoyed a lot of golf.

Some say that girl was Joy. Some also say that boys and girls can have coffee together and not do the dirty.

Who knows, eh?

4. LA Lunches

We all know that according to sources and insiders Harry treats his new lady friends to a bit of fro-yo before the story finds its way to the papers, but it seems as though the 21 year old has upped his game with Heat noticing that Harry’s ring (and hand) is in shot at a rather Healthy-looking MazSight post of Joy’s lunch, which was shared back in October.

5. She Borrowed His Jacket

Facebook pics from March show Joy donning Harry’s rather snazzy, and rather pricey, £1,495 Burberry jacket.

…But Harry seems to be kind of a giving guy, maybe he just let her borrow it, eh?

Needless to say we all have our own reasons for being dubious about this whole relationship and reckon it’s perhaps more likely that they’re actually just good friends.

So we decided to don our best ‘investigative journalist’ hat and do some snooping off our own, this is what we found:

1. They Like The Same Music

Last year Harry made us all scratch our heads in wonder when he tweeted out the lyrics: “All the girls had long hair, all the boys had long hair, and you were missing out.”, which is by a Welsh band called The Drowners.

In March this year Joy tweeted the same lyrics, so either Harry has played her the song because he loves her OR Harry isn’t the only person in the universe who has access to it. It could be either one tbh.

2. She Was Pretty Chuffed On 4th April

On April 4th this year Joy tweeted that she was “happier than a bird with a french fry”, which coincides with the end of the first leg of the boys’ tour and when Haz jetted off to LA from Dubai.


That’s it.

3. She References His Ex

Just like Harry rather ominously quotes people over on his Twitter page, Joy does the same thing and although some might argue that unsourced quotes equates to a secret love affair, we aren’t entirely sure that this would be a sentence to come from the popstar’s mouth:

“You make my heart dance like Taylor Swift at an award show”.

Referencing your apparent ex in a convo with your apparent new squeeze? Not a very likely move. Nor is it likely that somebody’s current squeeze would post a tweet referencing their ex’s dance moves.

But who are we to judge, eh?

4. Man-Bun Shade

We all know that Harry loves nothing more than a healthy-sized man-bun, so Joy’s tweet: “This guy next to me looks like Pebbles with his man bun” kind of spells trouble in this rumoured paradise.

Even if the guy in question wasn’t Harry (it probs wasn’t), it doesn’t sounds like a man-bun is the way to this particular gal’s heart, unless comparing somebody’s look to a prehistoric baby from The Flintstones is a good thing these days?

5. She Hates Bananas

“April 8, 2015. Still wondering what bananas are good for.”:


#MatchNOTMadeInHeaven #CaseClosed

Although we can’t say for sure, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was yet another rumour that will disappear sooner than you can say “Nadine Leopold”, but whatever is going on between Joy and Harry, we just hope that they’re both happy.

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