Harry Styles Is ‘In Love’ With Rumoured Girlfriend Nadine Leopold, Apparently

Hold onto your hats, PJs, cups of tea and anything else you can because the rumours of romance between Harry Styles and Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold have just kicked up a notch.

Apparently, ladies and gents, the One Direction ‘lothario’ (*yawn*) is now in love with her and wants to spend his 21st birthday (ON SUNDAY, FOLKS) with her.

Well that escalated quickly.

Harry Styles Is 'In Love' With Rumoured Girlfriend Nadine Leopold, Apparently
By MazSight

You may cry, scream, shout or whatever now.

Despite the fact that we’ve only really seen the two share some coffee, food and her fur coat (lolz), and heard about how she got him some birthday balloons, apparently the two are properly loved-up and that now.

Okay good. Sure. Because Harry can’t ever hang out with a girl who’s just a friend and keep her as just a friend ever, can he? We’ve heard this one a million times before and it’s getting kinda old now, guys.

Obviously, if #Hatalie *IS* the real deal, we’ll be properly happy for him because he’s so bloomin’ lovely and that, AND because she’s totally gorgeous and probably really nice too, but let’s not all get ahead of ourselves.

Harry Styles Is 'In Love' With Rumoured Girlfriend Nadine Leopold, Apparently
By MazSight

Partly because we’re yet to find a way to hide our jealousy discreetly.

A ‘source’ (fab) has been chatting about the couple’s so-called relationship to The Sun, and revealed: “Everyone’s teasing him, saying he’s in love, and he’s not denying it. It’s the real deal.

“He’s never felt this way about anyone before. Harry has spent virtually all his free time in Los Angeles with Nadine.

“They’re infatuated with each other and can’t stand being apart. There’s nobody else he’d rather be with on his birthday.”

Harry Styles Is 'In Love' With Rumoured Girlfriend Nadine Leopold, Apparently
By MazSight

Apart from us, of course. OF COURSE.

We’re not entirely sure how to take this one, because if it’s true, it’s actually really sweet.

We’re torn between listening to the sound of our hearts breaking into a million pieces whilst we sob into our lunch, poking ourselves in the eye in frustration of the rubbish people come up with or just denying that any of this is happening for the next ten years.

Maybe a mixture of all three.

Harry Styles Is 'In Love' With Rumoured Girlfriend Nadine Leopold, Apparently
By MazSight

The two have been rumoured to be a ‘thing’ since last month, when the 20-year-old One Direction star was seen having a right ol’ fun time with Nadine out in New York, with Harry werking her fab (hopefully fake) fur coat weirdly well.

More recently, the two were spotted enjoying some lunch together alongside OTHER FRIENDS, with photos of the incident circulating quicker than you can say ‘HERE WE GO AGAIN,’ and rumours flying out left, right and centre.

There was also a photo of Harry getting some balloons out of his car which drove people crazy. Hah, we didn’t even realise the pun there.

Like we said, we’ll be supporting Harry either way since he’s so ridiculously super nice and all, because he’s obviously enjoying spending time with her. Even if we are really very jealous and will combat it all by crying into a box of chocolates on our sofa.

Still, we’re going to take this all at face level and assume it’s just another load of absolutely bull-hockey until someone steps forward to either confirm or deny the rumours.

Until then, we might have to hide under the table or travel to somewhere far, far away until people can accept that boys and girls can hang out as JUST FRIENDS. Harry included.

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