Harry Styles Is ‘Plaguing Taylor Swift With Texts To Get Back Together’, Okay Then…

Haylor was weird enough the first time around, please let’s not go there again…

New reports are suggesting that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are set to rekindle their very, very short-lived and awkward 2012 romance thanks to a persistent Harry bombarding the 24-year-old with text messages.

Hmm, okay then.

A source, who had a good ol’ natter with New weekly Magazine is absolutely certain that the 20-year-old One Direction star is totally infatuated with TayTay, and although we’re sure some of you may have already dismissed this as complete nonsense, why don’t we hear them out?

“Harry has been plaguing Taylor with texts and calls, begging for a rematch,” The insider dished, also adding that Hazza apparently sent Tay 1,989 roses to congratulate her on the release of her new album.

We are sure that sounds like a romantic gesture in theory, but in practise that seems like something that would be massively inconvenient – What’s a girl going to do with nearly TWO THOUSAND roses?!

It was never completely clear as to why the duo split after three brief months together (aside from the fact they never looked entirely comfortable in eachother’s company…) but it did seem quite bitter, with Taylor later appearing to mock Harry when she opened the 2013 Grammy’s, putting on an English accent for her smash hit single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’.

Seems a bit ironic now, doesn’t it?

Since then, Tay massively hinted that around five songs from her new album were inspired by her relationship with our fave curly haired popstar – a pretty impressive amount of material to squeeze from just three months.

However, in a surprising turn of events the songs didn’t appear to show any hard feelings towards Harry in the slightest, and true to polite Mr. Styles form, he has been nothing but gracious towards the singer throughout,  even going as far to say that he actually liked the songs that she had apparently written about him.

Still, despite the fact that they are now seemingly on civil ground, it does seem a bit odd that they are headed for a love-in… 

But then again, Winter is ticking on and if the last three years are anything to go by, Harry is due a girlfriend for these last couple of months of the year.

The reunion rumours come following a whirlwind two weeks for Harry, which saw speculation surrounding his sexuality skyrocket following a selection of comments made in various interviews.

There has always been question marks  surrounding Harry’s sexuality, but it came to a head following his and Liam’s interview with Lucy Jones at ODE.

It all started when Liam and the curly-haired popstar were asked what traits the duo looked for in a lady friend, Liam was quick to be Captain Obvious and quip: “Female, that’s a good trait.”

Interestingly, it looks as though Harry totally tenses up at this suggestion, before he retorts: “Not that important.”

Complete with adorable little nose scrunch and a dismissive flick of the hand.

Never in history has something ‘not that important’ been so, totally important.

After that, in an interview that was filmed on the same day but only just released, Harry said in retaliation to Niall sleeping with another man: “Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, Niall,” complete with an affectionate pat on the knee.


Obviously rumours that Harry is in fact gay (or at the very least bisexual) started to go into overdrive, but now it looks like that can’t possibly be true because a source has come out of the woodwork and said that he is wooing Taylor.

You just have to applaud the timing of this revelation, don’t ya?

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