Harry Styles Named In Top 100 Influential Figures In Jewish Life, Erm… He’s Not Jewish?

This is a strange one.

Harry Styles has come 73rd in the list of Top 100 Most Influential Figures In Jewish Life.

No, you’re right, he isn’t Jewish – but that didn’t stop the 20-year old from beating Rabbi’s, spiritual leaders, and communal activists to 73rd place.

Oh, and all of the 27 people that he ranked higher than are Jewish, by the way.

The list was created by The Jewish Chronicle, the UK’s number one Jewish newspaper, and they give the following reasons for including Harry as an influential Jewish figure: 

“The One Direction star may not be Jewish but he seems very much at ease with a Jewish lifestyle. He was pictured wearing a silver Star of David at the Teen Choice awards and makes regular references to Jewish life on Twitter, hangs out at kosher eateries and is not afraid to throw the odd Yiddish word or two into the conversation.

“Thanks to his close relationship with Jewish music video director Ben Winston, his Jewish knowledge is stronger than one has any right to expect from a 20-year-old boy-band singer from rural Cheshire. Thanks to Styles, millions of British teens have become familiar with Purim, Pesach and shepping nachas.”

Well, there we go… And actually, they do kind of have a point.


We told you that Harry is an all round good-egg.

Just when you think that there is anything that our favourite curly-haired popstar hasn’t achieved, there is someone to prove us wrong.

He is now officially the villain Of The Year, Sexiest Singer Alive, The Hottest Man In Music, owner of The Best Smile, and now an Inspirational Jewish Figure.

God Harry, is there anything that you *can’t* do?

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