Harry Styles Nearly Falls Asleep During Teen Choice Awards Acceptance Speech

Well, they have been working VERY hard of late.

Harry Styles looked as if he was about to fall asleep during One Direction’s acceptance speech via video link at the Teen Choice Awards.

The band won a whopping eight different awards however, were unable to be there to collect them in person because of tour commitments.

In the short but sweet acceptance speech Harry kept very quiet at the back and looked as though he would rather be under his duvet.

However, the  boys tour schedule is so grueling that Harry is probably taking any break as an opportunity for a bit of shut-eye.

It’s been reported in the past that he is often guilty of burning the candle at both ends, so to speak, so we are just glad he is managing to fit in a bit of a rest.

Harry recently admitted that he has upped his gym routine at the expense of sleep:

“I train for an hour, then go to bed for four hours. Get up again at 5am, do Bikram yoga and have an espresso afterwards,” he said.

Harry Styles Nearly Falls Asleep During Teen Choice Awards Acceptance Speech
By MazSight

The famous curly haired one has reportedly been warned by doctors about his hectic lifestyle and encouraged to calm things down.

heat magazine recently asked a doctor about Harry’s lifestyle who said:

“It sounds like he’s going overboard, not resting his body is cause for concern. Harrys young and is able to do it now but there’s only so long you can go on before you get exhausted. If he gets too tired he physically won’t be able to manage and may collapse.”

Our shoulder is always here when you need it Haz.

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