Harry Styles On Gay Obama Affair: ‘I Think That Would Make Niall Jealous’

Harry Styles and President Barack Obama embarking on a top secret, gay, affair was perhaps our fave ridiculous rumour of 2014, if not ever.

And although we basically knew for absolute certain that there was no truth to the story whatsoever, it’s still nice to get Hazza’s take on the whole thing, isn’t it?

Having a chat before One Direction took to the stage at the BBC Music Awards, it turned out the twenty-year-old hadn’t yet heard the latest piece of gossip flying around about him, and when it was explained to him… Well… His face kinda just did this:

Before he said: “I’ve heard some good ones in my time but that… That’s interesting…”

However, with all this Larry evidence that has been floating around lately what we were more interested in was, obviously, Louis Tomlinson’s reaction to the concept of Harry bonking Obama, and it was our fave thing ever:

Note the raised eyebrows, the steady face, and the slight little nod and smile as Harry goes on to (kind of) deny it?

We reckon that speaks VOLUMES.

Ugh there’s so much fond, we can hardly deal with it. 

Lou then goes on to ask Harry: “Does that give you some power in the White House then? Maybe.”

Before Harry replies, still obviously in a state of bewilderment: “Yeah maybe…”

He adds: “I mean… I feel like Niall would be a bit jealous”, before he glances towards his bandmates, who do this:

High-five to the Louis and Harry dream team for the way they expertly deflect the Obama sex onto poor, unsuspecting Niall. 

We mean, this entire sequence is basically the gift that keeps on giving, don’t you think?

The Larry feels unfortunately come to an end when Harry asks: “Did you want me to confirm or deny?”

And when the interviewer asks him if wants to do that, Hazza’s inner legend comes out as he retorts: “Not particularly.”

That, ladies and gents, is how you deal with utterly ridiculous rumours like an absolute pro. 

Kudos to you, Harry and Louis, kudos to you.

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