Harry Styles Posts A Rude Comment On Bandmate Niall Horan’s Instagram Photo… LOL

Harry Styles is notoriously quiet on social media, and even when he does tweet/ insta it’s usually super, super simple or some kind of mysterious riddle that we then spend the next few hours trying to decipher.


*Actual tweet.

So imagine our, and the rest of the world’s, surprise when an eagle-eyed fan spotted that Harry had not only used his MazSight account for something other than sharing black and white photos, he had gone the whole hog and posted a naughty comment on his bandmate, Niall Horan’s, image.

In the words of Louis Tomlinson, he is a filthy boy.

Niall posted a rather adorable photo of himself sticking his tongue out, captioning the pic with a simple but effective: “Oi oi!”

However, when Harry saw the snap, he couldn’t resist lowering the tone and making a cheeky comment of his own, writing: “Can I sit on your face?”

And then realising how rude he had been, the twenty-year-old follows up with a second, more polite comment: “Please?”

Ah yes, you must never forget your Ps and Qs.

More to the point, don’t you lads have a private Whatsapp group that you can use for those kind of requests?!

Because the comment is so out of character, there is a little part of us that is wondering if the curly-haired popstar was really hacked…

After all, he hasn’t spoken to his One Direction bandmates via social media in about a gazillion years and we’re still seething about the lack of a birthday message to a certain Lou-Lou on Christmas Eve, but we’ll probably get over it.


In short, we don’t quite know whether this naughty comment was a result of a hack or just Harry being his glorious self and not giving a… hoot… anymore, but one thing is for sure – it’s ruddy hilarious.

And, to quote the curl-meister himself, ‘don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, Niall’.

Although it might make a certain other bandmate a tad jealous…

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