Harry Styles Shows Off His Hanson T-Shirt As It Is Revealed That He Wears Women’s Jeans

To be honest, he could walk around in full on drag and we would probs still fancy him.

Word on the street is that Harry Styles likes his skinny jeans to be so tight that he actually buys them from the women’s section.

No, he DEFINITELY wasn’t buying jeans for a female friend – they were all for him, okay?

The 20-year-old was apparently spotted having a bit of a shopping spree in Beverly Hills recently and when he paid a visit to Paige Denim he made a beeline for the women’s section.

A source told the Daily Star: “He went straight for the women’s ranges. Harry’s favourites are the skinny women’s jeans in a size 30 and then men’s jeans in a size 28.

“Of the two he says he prefers the women’s because they’re the tightest.”

In which case we wholly approve of his decision.

And that’s not all the fashion tips that we can learn from Harry this weekend, with the One Direction heart-throb re-affirming his love for 90s group Hanson with a brand new photo showing off his fan T-Shirt for the blonde-haired boyband.

Harry hung out with the American pop group just last week, with Taylor Hanson taking to MazSight to share a photo with the star taken backstage at 1D’s Tulsa show. 

We can only assume that they thanked him for the photo with the rather fetching T-Shirt, and we bet they’re chuffed that the world’s most famous popstar is bringing their old band of yesteryear back into the limelight.

We’re off to track down Hanson’s greatest hits as we speak.

Harry and his BFF Nick Grimshaw famously dressed up as two thirds of the American pop group, famous for some classic tunes such as Mmmbop, back in December – and it looks like it might be because he is a not-so-secret fan.

One Direction’s stylist and bestie Lou Teasdale shared the snap of Harry holding his thumbs up with the Hanson T-Shirt proudly on display, and captioned the pic with: “It says picture unavailable right here.”

Ahahaha, such a classic, you guys are TOO funny.*

*Psst, don’t you hate it when people use private jokes in front of you?

Harry also had his flowing locks pulled back into what we can only assume is a sexy man-bun, which we love more than we ever thought that we could love one man’s hairstyle.

Hang on a minute… long hair in a bun, women’s jeans, a fan T-Shirt of a hunky 90s boyband… Is this all getting a tad *too* girly?

…………………. NAH.

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