Harry Styles Shows Off His Raunchy Choice In Book As He Lands In LA

No, it isn’t his autobiography.

We do love a boy who reads, and with the endless flights and long journeys on a tour bus that One Direction face it is unsurprising that Harry Styles loves to snuggle down with a good book.

However, we were a little bit shocked when we caught a glimpse of the cover of his latest read when he touched down in LA last night and saw that his taste in books wasn’t quite what we expected.

Rather than re-reading the old Harry Potter’s and pretending that he was secretly the boy who lived, which we imagine ALL Harry’s to do by the way, Mr. Styles appears to be involved in a book called Women by Charles Bukowski.

As well as being rather high-brow, it is also a little bit on the raunchy side… In fact, it makes 50 Shades Of Grey look like childsplay.

It is all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but if you need convincing here is its official synopsis:

“Low life writer and alcoholic Henry chinaski was born to survive. Now, at the age of fifty, he is living the life of a rock star, running three hundred hangovers a year and a sex life that would cripple Casanova. Women is a riotous and uncompromisingly vivid account of life on the edge.”

See, we told you.

Okay, so it is undoubtedly a brilliant read and why shouldn’t Harry pick out a good book just because the protagonist’s life could parallel his own?

We just thought that 20-year-old Harry would rather relax on his plane journeys with something a little bit more PG rather than get hot under the collar with the sexual escapades of a fifty-year-old womanizer.

Maybe he is brushing up on his tips on how to “live the life of a rockstar” and have “a sex life that would cripple Casanova”?

Either way, we definitely fancy him that tiny bit more now that we know that he is the type that reads books by an author as renowned as Charles Bukowski rather than FHM magazines that most boys his age would be into.

Anyways, after this great advertisement by none other than Harry Styles, what are the odds that this book will be sold out in every outlet before the day is out?

But  judging by some of the One Direction fan fiction, Women won’t even make the Directioners blush.

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