Harry Styles Single-Handedly Undresses A Man On Stage While He Auctions Him Off – WATCH

When we heard the rumour that Harry Styles had dragged a rather hunky man on stage at last night’s One Direction gig and proceeded to undress him in front of thousands and thousands of people, we thought that we were really just hearing an extract of ruddy brilliant and saucy fan fiction.

However, not only is the tale absolutely true, there is a video of the moment in all of its glory and it is more marvellous than we ever could have dared to dream.

We mean, Harry has some serious skillz in the ‘undressing’ department, if ya know what we mean.


The lucky man in question was Phil, a member of 1D’s crew who was celebrating his birthday at the boys’ Dubai gig yesterday, and obviously Hazza was going to do everything in his power to give him a birthday to remember.

First of all the 21-year-old dragged the unsuspecting lad onto the stage, exclaiming that he was going to auction him off and was “starting the bidding at five dollars”, but things soon took a turn for the sexy as Harry began to unbutton Phil’s shirt to reveal a bloomin’ hot bod.

In fact, the most fantastic part of Phil’s entire ordeal is that Harry proved himself to be quite a pro in the ‘undressing a hunky man’ department, as he expertly manages to circle the guy, undo his shirt buttons with his one available hand, and host a live auction without so much as a second glance.

Hmmm, why do we get the feeling that this is something you’ve done before, babes?

Although Phil is happy to flash his rock hard abs for the crowd he draws the line when Harry tries to take it one step further and pull off his shirt completely, so the two men have a little cuddle before the birthday boy quickly runs off stage.

All in a day’s work and that.

Last night marked the end of One Direction’s first leg of the tour, with the exhausted boys now on a well-deserved extended break until June.

Niall Horan and Liam Payne have already reported that they are back in sunny London, with Louis Tomlinson and Harry expected to stay in Dubai for a little holiday… We just hope that Lou embraces his new-found love for MazSight to document EVERY moment of the vaycay.

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