Harry Styles Soaks Up The Sun With Chelsea Handler And Debuts New Tattoo?

*cue the inevitable ‘Harry Styles With Older Woman LOLS!’ headlines*

Whilst the rest of One Direction have been busy swanning around Gatsby-themed balls like it’s 2013 all over again, resident shaggy-haired sexual vocalist Harry Styles has been having a little downtime in sunny L.A.

And we must say that we heartily approve of the company he’s keeping – none other than full-time funny woman and 1D fan Chelsea Handler.

Who knew that these two were such good buds?!

Chelsea posted a snap to MazSight earlier of her and Harry relaxing poolside – we say relaxing, Chelsea is on all fours shoving her bum into the camera, which doesn’t look very relaxing to us.

To be honest, she’s probably just excited because she gets to show off the massive ‘HARRY’ emblazoned upon her butt-cheeks.

Please can we be go and drink lots of vodka with this woman immedietly? Harry, you can come too.

BUT ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF – namely, what’s going on underneath Hazza’s shorts.

No – not that, you mucky pups, we mean his NEW TATTOO!

Yes, our fave has only gone and got himself another tat, and as we like our men inked and unattainable we have to say we APPROVE, Haz.

…even though we can’t really work out what it is. A Bird? The edge of a Cheryl-esque bloom of flowers? A memorial to Zayn Malik’s hair (gone but not forgotten)

Will we ever find out? To be honest, the only way we’ll ever know is if Harry takes his pants off and shows us, so over to you pumpkin xoxo

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Xeni Jardin

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