Harry Styles Spotted Kissing Model Friend Sara Sampaio Goodbye, So Apparently They’re Dating?

In today’s ridiculous rumours news, Harry Styles has been spotted kissing his friend goodbye after a night of partying, but because said friend is a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model named Sara Sampaio then OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE TO BE DATING, RIGHT?

*Hits head against a brick wall*

The One Direction star has caused yet another stir after dancing the night away with the Portuguese babe in New York on Thursday, and new photos that have been obtained by The Sun have kickstarted an entire batch of dating rumours.

Before we continue, we just want to leave these words here from the man himself:

Moving on, in the new photos you can see Harry hugging Sara goodbye before he goes back into Ludlow Hotel bar to continue partying, but some elusive sources have claimed that the 23-year-old model returned a little while later, with she and Harry not emerging until around 11am the next day – within fifteen minutes of eachother.

All we’ll say to that is considering that the bar was actually in a hotel, then we’re going to go ahead and assume that they each had a room for the night.

And considering check-out times in hotels are usually around the 11am mark, we’re not exactly surprised that they left within fifteen minutes of eachother at about that time.


Still, this insider is still trying to tell us that they are totes a thing thanks to a lovely thing called “chemistry” that they could definitely see between the two, sharing: “Harry had been partying with a group of friends at the Ludlow but seemed very friendly with Sara.

“There was definite chemistry there are they hugged and kissed each other when she left.

“But everyone thinks something was up as she came back and they left so soon after each other the next morning.

“Sara left at 11am dressed exactly the same. Then Harry walked out at 11.15am with his hair up in a bun on his head. It looked like he’d been partying pretty hard.”

Partying with friends in a bar on his day off? How ruddy scandalous, eh?

In the meantime, did we mention that No Control and 18 had finally been added to the OTRA setlist?

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