Harry Styles Spotted Picking Pumpkins With 32-Year-Old Erin Foster, He Still Likes An Older Woman Then

Let’s not start panicking just yet.

Harry Styles has been spotted picking pumpkins with 32-year-old comedy writer and performer, Erin Foster.


Harry and his man-bun were papped at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch and the 1D star looked pretty bloomin’ hot as he and Erin took on the difficult task of ensuring that they picked only the best pumpkins.

To be honest, it’s a bit cruel for Harry to make himself approximately 198298x more attractive (yeah, we didn’t think that was possible either until THE MAN BUN) just before he started toying with our emotions by schmoozing with his lady friends.


But let’s all just try and stay rational for a moment, maybe they are just friends?

We thought we would try and get to the bottom of this so went full on investigator on this Erin Foster lady and can tell you the following facts:

1. Her dad is David Foster, a record producer and musician. So MAYBE that’s how Harry knows her, he’s friends with her pops. After all, he’s friends with LOTS of older men in the industry; Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart to name just two. It’s totes a possibility.

2. Erin MIGHT be bisexual. She was rumoured to be dating Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson, for a time back in 2011. Maybe they were just friends, maybe they were more – WHO KNOWS. But Erin definitely is interested in the male sex as well, considering she’s tweeted about some ex boyfriends. Soz guys, we can’t deny the facts.

Erm, on the plus (?) side it does sound like she’s not had the best experiences with men. Maybe she’s been put off them for good?

Although if anybody can turn that around it’s Harry. Boo. 

3. She’s actually quite funny. Well, she is a comedy writer for actual NBC sitcoms so you would think so, but if you scroll through her Twitter you might let out an actual chuckle or two, so if she is dating our Harry at least we know that she will keep him smiling.

4. She LOVES yoga. A lot. Her and her family have Sunday morning yoga sessions. We feel like this is something that Harry would enjoy, but we’d only accept it if there are pictures. 

5. She buys pumpkins on the 8th October? Okay, Harry does too, but really? The 8th October? Halloween is a whole three weeks away. Is that a thing in America? Or is it just an excuse to have an adorably Autumnal date and make us all jealous?

6. Harry DOESN’T follow Erin on Twitter. She doesn’t even follow him. Which pretty much concludes that they’re not dating.

Everybody knows it’s not a relationship until you are mutual follows. DUH.

Now if you excuse us, we’re going to go and plan our own pumpkin patch date with Harry Styles and forget that his one with Erin ever happened.

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