Harry Styles To Open A Pub INSIDE His London House To Party With Famous Friends

If you were wondering why Harry Styles was taking SO frickin’ long to renovate the London house he bought three years ago, it’s probably because he is attempting to build an actual London pub inside it.

Yep, the 21-year-old is believed to be turning part of his Hampstead home into a traditional English boozer, so he and his famous pals can party the night away without having to worry about his evening being live-tweeted or the extortionate price of beer.

Despite it still not being built, it has been reported that the pub has already been creatively dubbed ‘Harry’s Bar’ by friends and it is thought to be just one of the major refurbishments that have taken over a year to complete.

The star first bought the £3million, four bedroom property all the way back in 2012, initially beginning building work after deciding that he didn’t like the location of his kitchen, and he is Harry ruddy Styles – if he doesn’t like where the kitchen is then he can MOVE the kitchen.

However, the curly-haired beaut has since admitted that this relatively, ahem, low-key job “turned into a bigger thing”, leaving him to think ‘Why not throw in a pub as well?’

Totally casual, as always.

A source told The Mirror: “Harry is a really sociable guy, he loves hanging out with friends in cool bars.

“But wherever he goes, he is subject to a lot of attention, so he tends to party more in private members’ bars where he’s less likely to be bothered.

“While all the renovations were going on, he had the idea of creating his own hangout, in the privacy of his own home, where friends can stay until the early hours.

“It’s going to be the ultimate boys’ den – the design team have taken inspiration from some of the rooms in Harry’s favourite bars, like Soho House and Groucho Club.

“It’s due to be finished by the summer.”

At least with his own private bar in place he won’t have to worry about causing a global hoo-haa by not enunciating properly in pesky Vine videos, nor will he have pics circulating on Twitter if he decides to go in for the kill and nab a cheeky snog of somebody.

All in all, it sounds like a foolproof plan, and with One Direction constantly jetting around the world for their billions of tour and publicity commitments, if Harry ever needs a housesitter then he knows where we are!

In the meantime, put a bottle of champers on ice for us, Haz, we’ll be over in a second.

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