Harry Styles Trips Over A Bra On Stage During One Direction Gig In Hilarious Video

First Madonna was unceremoniously whipped off the BRIT Awards stage when her poor cape failed her, then Ariana Grande fell to her knees midway through her Toronto gig, and now Harry Styles has suffered an embarrassing stumble whilst performing onstage with the best of the One Direction boys.

However, we think that Harry trumps the lot of them with his mishap as it was caused by none other than a WILD BRA.

Lolz, of all the things to trip on, eh?

Don’t worry babes, at least it wasn’t in front of thousands of people…. Oh, wait a minute…

Although we are sure that the 21-year-old is no stranger to having his excited fans throw their bits and pieces onto the stage, they became a serious health and safety hazard during the boys’ Singapore gig last night.

Own up, guys, who is responsible for putting our boy at risk? WE MUST WRAP THEM IN BUBBLE WRAP AND PROTECT THEM FROM ALL HARM.

Thankfully, the star was a-ok, and survived the fall with the kinda style that would make Buzz Lightyear proud. Or Madonna.

You can choose your own pop culture reference for this one.

Hazza picked the undergarment up with his microphone and chucked it into the crowd, who obviously went absolutely cray-cray to get their hands on the bra in question, and why wouldn’t they?

Bras are ruddy expensive these days.

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