Harry Styles’ Wearing A Blue Bandana Following Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Mystery Girl’ Is No Coincidence…

If you are a human being with Internet access, the chances are you have seen pics of Harry Styles wearing a blue bandana around his neck floating about since the early hours of this morning.

However, did you know that there is seemingly a whole lot more to his rather questionable fashion accessory than meets the eye?

And the fact that he decided to don it in LA just hours after Louis Tomlinson was papped getting into a cab with a ~mystery girl~ (and others) in London was probably not a coincidence?

Okay, okay we will stop being so ruddy mysterious and explain everything.

Basically, back in the Where We Are tour days, when Zayn Malik was still in the band and the dagger tattoo was just something that dreams were made of, One Direction fans launched the ‘Bandana Project’, with the original poster for the movement reading:

“For the US tour we decided that it would be fun for all of America to participate in doing something. Many are against wearing a certain colour or type of clothing because you want to be your own person!

“So we’ve come up with a fun dress code that is super simple and super cheap! You can wear a certain type of bandana (wherever you would like) to symbolise what kind of girl you are.

“Feel free to tie dye or wear multiple bandanas to show off your love for more than one member! The bandana colours match their mic colours!

“Harry is GREEN, Zayn is YELLOW, Liam is RED, Louis is BLUE, Niall is WHITE”.

Shortly after the Bandana Project came into effect and fans across the states were rocking up at 1D gigs in their appropriate colours, 21-year-old Harry decided to take part in the movement himself – turning up at one of the gigs with a blue bandana tied around his neck.

Was it intentional? Was it a coincidence? Or, as we have already discovered, is there really no such thing as a coincidence within this particular fandom?

Despite causing somewhat of a meltdown among fans, especially that rather large sub-group who have concocted a pretty convincing box of evidence that ‘proves’ Harry and Louis are caught up in a top secret romance, Harry went on to wear the bandana again a few days later.

Then again. And again. And again.

In fact, that scraggly rag of a bandana has been tied around his neck so many times that we have kind of lost count, but last night was its first appearance in quite a while and from that fans have safely concluded that it had been dug out of the back of Harry’s sock drawer to serve one very important purpose:

Silently remind the world that despite the latest batch of pap pics, he bloomin’ loves Louis William Tomlinson.

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