Harry Styles Wore WRONG Shirt For X Factor Performance As One Direction Offer Advice To Contestants

We don’t want to alarm you, but One Direction were at The X Factor yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Louis Tomlinson has pretty much set up camp at the X Factor studios as Jack Walton’s own personal cheerleader and unofficial fifth judge.

But he was finally joined by his four best mates as the biggest band on the planet hung out with the contestants and pre-recorded their performance of ‘Steal My Girl’ ready for next week’s show. 

Which is exciting because, y’know, One Direction, but slightly disappointing because the fact that they pre-recorded means that before we know it this WHIRLWIND of excitement and promo will be over and the boys will be going their separate ways for the remainder of their three month break. 

Meaning no more moments like THIS:

And no more five-piece selfies from the biggest Directioner that there is, Niall Horan:

Until they all reunite for the tour that is.

However we will take what we can get when it comes to the boys, and that just so happens to be a whole HOST of beautiful selfies with the X Factor contestants, who couldn’t help but gush about what lovely young men they all are while they thanked them for advice and the like.

Liam Payne even managed to face his fears and get down to the studio, a very brave step considering he exclusively told us just last week that he found the entire show “too scary” to watch, bless him.

And if seeing the five boys in the actual, real-life flesh wasn’t enough for the lucky audience who turned up for last night’s show, seeing them give a pitch-perfect rendition of their latest single not once but TWICE no doubt put a smile on their face.

But why did they have to perform the song twice?

Well, word on the grapevine is that it’s all down to a certain Harry Styles and a wrong-coloured shirt…

A source told The Mirror: “He was wearing white and then they did it again ‘cos he needed to be in black like the rest of the band.”

Hmm… Surely that’s the kind of thing that would be noticed before the boys took to the stage? 

Just sayin’.

The all-in-black performance will be airing during next Sunday’s result show, and to be honest, we can’t ruddy wait.

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