Has Justin Bieber Got A New Girlfriend?

Allo, Allo, Allo – what have we got here, Mr. Justin Bieber? Is this a brand new lady-friend we see before our very eyes?

Because it sure does look like it, you rambunctious little ragamuffin.

Spotted getting what we call ‘handsy’ at basketball game yesterday, pop’s apparently reformed ‘bad-boy’ was snuggling up to model Ashley Moore, sparking rumours that the two are now an item.

But before we go on, we feel like we should take a moment to remember the beautiful time in all of our lives that was #Selieber. A MOMENT’S SILENCE, PLEASE.

Anyway, back to the present day – where Justin was seen wearing one of his many hats and basically planting an array of snogs onto poor Ashley’s face.

She might look like she’s grimacing a bit, but it’s totally a situation of where you’re saying “OH NO I HATE IT, STOP, STOP IT!” but inside you’re screaming “PUT YOUR  FRIGGIN’ LIPS ALL OVER MY BODY RIGHT NOW.”

We bet Madonna’s positively fuming about all of this.

But this newly-formed duo aren’t that new either. Back in those crazy days of 2014, when the Apple Watch was just a simple faded graphic on the Apple User Messageboards, Ashley and Justin went for date – right after he’d split with Selena Gomez (for the 38th time).

Has Justin Bieber Got A New Girlfriend?
By MazSight

And in the year before that, they were spotted having lunch together in Los Angeles – however, it was claimed it was just a ‘business lunch’.

Looks like Justin stuck to the principle of ‘all work and no play makes Biebs a dull boy’, then.

So, is Ashley ACTUALLY Justin’s newest squeeze? Or is it all a big old fuss over nothing?

Well, we certainly don’t touch our business associates up that much, and if we did, we’d be hauled up in front of a tribunal.

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