Has Kylie Minogue Given Up On Men? "Not Looking Anymore" For Mr Right

Who doesn’t absolutely ADORE Kylie Minogue? Like seriously, that woman may well be the nicest, coolest woman in pop, and if we ever get a big sister we’d quite like it to be her, thank you very much.

But despite being one of the most fantastical women on the planet ever, Kylie’s still not found the elusive ‘Mr Right’ yet.

Which sort of makes you think that if she can’t find him, then he probably doesn’t really exist, does he?


Anyway, St. Kylie of Minogue sat down with Jonathan Ross this week and filled us all in on the current state of her love-life, and although it seems she hasn’t found ‘DA ONE’ yet, she doesn’t seem particularly bothered about it either (reason #23214 why we love her). When Jonathan asked her if she was anywhere near finding a nice young man, she replied:

“Maybe I’m not looking anymore.  I figure if someone’s there they can come and find me.”


“It’s not that I don’t have my eyes open, I meet a lot of incredible, charismatic amazing wonderful people but with everyone to try and find the right person, it’s just, it’s not easy, is it? All I do is work so I’ll probably meet someone on the job.”

Well we’re sure there’s a lot of people ‘on the job’ who’d be gagging for a bit of Miss. Minogue

Kylie then got all nostalgic about  her ex-boyfriend, the late Michael Hutchence, who she described as her ‘guardian angel’ on her latest tour.

“He was like my guardian angel for that tour, definitely.”

When Jonathan asked whether Michael introduced her to a wilder side of life, she said “Yeah…it was a great time. It was all sorts of things. It wasn’t just a great time. I was very sad when it finished. He had an enormous impact on my life.”

“I used to say it was like I had blinkers on and then the blinkers came off. Because it was the right time in my life as well to open up to the world and discover a lot of new things. Even when it was slightly on the wild side, he was always very tender with me. I was a little precious thing to him. Amongst the headiness, it was always very sweet.”

We’re definitely not blubbing at our computer screen right now guys, don’t worry.

2015 is going to be a massive year for Kylie, as it marks ten years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer – and admitted that the milestone of the ten year ‘all clear’ mark will be incredibly emotional:

“I’m good. I have yet to reach my ten year mark which I imagine I’ll be having a bit of champagne and crying a lot and feeling very happy and joyful and thanking all my friends and family.”

“It’s quite difficult to talk about it in interview situations because it’s deep, and it’s long and it’s involved and it’s hard to really say what it was in a neat package. It’s pretty strange.”

Pretty emotional stuff.  What a woman, huh?

Now, could all the decent guys please form an orderly queue for our honourary big sister (we’ll take all the ones she doesn’t want, thanks).

If you fancy fan girl-ing over Kylie some more, check her out on The Jonathan Ross Show, tonight on ITV1.

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