Helen Flanagan Called Pete Burns By Trolls After Posting Pouty Selfie

If there is one thing we know it’s that she is certainly a fan of a pouty selfie.

However, her latest offering Helen Flanagan’s lips are looking pouteir than ever – and by her standards that’s very, very, very pouty.

Helen posted the snap this morning with the caption: ‘Love the make-up as always’

Now, while she may be a fan, the 23-year-old’s latest offering hasn’t exactly been met with the kindest of comments from her adoring public.

In fact, her followers have been (to put it lightly) rather rude about the picture.

 “Your make-up artist is doing you no favours making you look like Michael Jackson,” said one.

“Your make-up artist is ruining you and making you look like pete burns, the truth hurts sometimes,” another informed her.

While another posted: “Your makeup in this pic makes you like a plastic surgery addict.”

These fans certainly don’t mince their words, do they?

In other more positive Flanners news, the actress is believed to have landed a guest part in Holby City playing a nurse.

Helen has said of her new job: “I’m really pleased to be working with the BBC in a show that I really enjoy.”

Holby City’s executive producer Oliver Kent added: “We are all hugely excited to have Helen on the show – she is a superstar soap actress and she is going to ruffle some feathers with Colette! It is definitely an episode to watch.”

Then we will have to do just that!

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