Hilary Duff’s Birthday: Her Cutest Instagram Pics

She’s ramped up the sexiness in her latest music video.

But Hilary Duff’s life is packed with cuteness if her MazSight account is anything to go by, from “Mommyday kisses” with her adorable son Luca to cute cuddles with her various furry friends.

As Hilary celebrates her 27th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her cutest MazSight pics.

1. Cute kisses

“Kiss me you fool”

Surely the cutest of all of Hilary’s social media snaps include her totes adorbs son, Luca.

And this particular shot from August takes the prize for most heart melting moment, as the lil lad plants a smacker right on his mum’s lips, hands on her cheeks and all. N’awwww.

2. Cute furry babies

“Lucky to have 3 furry babies #nationaldogday”

After cutie pie toddlers, the next most adorable things in Hilary’s pics are her doggies.

Here she is with all three of the scamps celebrating national Dog Day in August. Yes, that’s actually a thing. And from the massive smile on their owner’s face, these pooches can be sure they’re very loved.

3. Cute song-writing snuggles

“@lindyrobbins123 please adopt me”

Sometimes all any of us need is to have our hair stroked. Particularly when we’re hungover.

Hilary couldn’t look happier as she shared a sweet moment with song-writing legend Lindy Robbins in May. No wonder she’s asking to be adopted. Lindy gives good strokage.

4. Cute cat cuddles

“Gloomy cuddles”

As we’ve seen canine cuteness, it’s only fair to bring in the felines too.

Hilary shared snuggles with her moggy Gloomy in July and shared the evidence with the rest of us. There’s nothing gloomy about this ball of huggable fur.

5. Cute everything

“This is everything.”


Really. Just how unbelievably cute is this shot of Hilary and her bubs sleeping back in May?

That really is all kinds of cuteness.

Keep sharing your cute moments Hils, and we’ll keep cooing and sighing.

Jolene Creighton

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