Holly Hagan Films Herself Doing A Urine Test To Prove That She Isn’t On Cocaine

Those Geordie Shore lasses have been shedding more pounds between them than we can even keep up with, but Holly Hagan has gone the extra mile to prove that her slimeline bod is a result of her own hard graft and nothing less with a… Erm… Urine test video.

Yes, you read that correctly – Hols has filmed herself having a little pee on a stick to prove that there are absolutely no drugs in her system after nasty people on social media accused the reality star of having a little helping hand in the weight loss department.

Desperate times definitely called for desperate measures in Holly’s mind.

In the video, the 22 year old can be seen talking to the camera about her haterz before walking to a loo to pee in a plastic cup and putting the home test stick in it, which quickly shows the double line meaning that there was a negative result.


Online trolls have recently been speculating that Holly’s three year weight loss  was a result of class A drug use, and the star explained why she was so determined to put them in her place: “It’s stupidly irresponsible for people too suggest I’ve been on the ‘diet coke’ or ‘white lines’ diet, young girls will see those comments and could think that’s how to lose weight.

“Imagine if somebody then goes and takes cocaine in an effort to lose weight be and ‘Healthy‘, it’s unthinkable what could happen.

“I lost weight by following a healthy diet, and sweating my ar*e off in the gym and at home working out, I’ve detailed my exact diet and exercise plan in my 12 week Body Bible to help others who want to lose fat.

“I suffer from anxiety which sometimes can present in full on anxiety attacks where I can’t breathe, so why on earth would I ever put drugs into my body which could make that worse?”

You tell ‘em, Hols, you ruddy tell ‘em all.

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