Holly Willoughby’s Birthday: Her Funniest Twitter Pics

She makes us laugh on TV shows like ‘Celebrity Juice’.

And Holly Willoughby shares LOLsome moments on Twitter, whether she’s pulling a face while catching the tube with Dermot O’Leary or having male genitalia painted on her forehead.

As Holly celebrates her 34th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her funniest pics.

1. Holly’s Funny Tube Trip

“Ha! @radioleary single zone 1! Thank you TFL! X”

Holly and Dermot dealt with bad traffic by hopping on the tube in January 2014, and documented what must have been a pretty unusual mode of transport for them with this hilaire twitpic.

They’ve got their tube poses down pat, with Dermo reading a paper like a pro with a pout to boot and Holls hanging onto the rail and doing her best ‘gaze avoidance tube face’.

2. Holly’s Funny Face Paints

“Tune in to @CelebJuice tomorrow night to see how this happened!”

If ever there was a face painting incident that you would NOT want to see at a child’s birthday party, then this is it.

Yes that is Holly with a *ahem* male member scrawled across her face. Unsurprisingly it was the result of a prank on ‘Celebrity Juice’ in October 2013. That cheeky Keith Lemon.

3. Holly’s Funny Fancy Dress

“Shaking my pom pom’s, tonight on @CelebJuice ITV2 10pm! X”

That ‘Celebrity Juice’ is responsible for quite a few larks.

And Holly in a cheerleader’s skimpy outfit in September 2013, complete with pom poms plus bunches and glasses a la Britney’s ‘One More Time’ schoolgirl video, makes for a pretty fun sight.

4. Holly’s Funny Victory Face


If you want to know what Holly looks like when she’s victorious, this pic says it all.

The TV presenter posted a series of pictures of her reactions to winning a national Television Award in January 2015, including grinning, fist pumping, and blowing kisses.

5. Holly’s Funny Halloween Pumpkin

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