How Frankie Sandford Lost Three Stone Of Baby Weight In Nine Months

She has had the pregnant contingent of the Yahoo Celeb office screaming ‘Howwwwww?’

But finally, we know the secret behind Frankie Sandford’s INCREDIBLE three stone post-baby weight loss.

Thanks to today’s heat magazine, expectant mothers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that it is possible to get back into those pre-baby jeans – eventually.

Allow us to divulge:

Frankie has lost a whopping three stone in the nine months since her baby son Parker was born in October thanks to careful eating a strict exercise plan.

So far, so good – but we need details please…

Well, apparently the 25-year-old was keen to steer clear of any faddy diet pills in favour of losing the pounds the Healthy way especially considering her past battles with depression.
How Frankie Sandford Lost Three Stone Of Baby Weight In Nine Months
By MazSight

“Frankie cut out sugar and ate food that stave off depression, like vegetables and wholegrains, as well as lean meats and low-fat dairy products, she also cut out caffeine as it can make you feel anxious,” a source told the mag.

The Sats star also reportedly loves spicy foods as they are known to speed up your metabolism.

And the exercise?

“She did muscle strengthening workouts two or more days a week, lifting weights at home and doing high intensity bouts of exercise.”

“She also ate every three hours to speed up fat-burning.”

And judging by recent snaps all the hard work has most definitely paid off.

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