Prince Harry used to sneak into Meghan Markle’s condo in Toronto while they were still dating.

In the Amazon Prime documentary “Harry and Meghan: When Two Became Three,” entertainment reporter Ashley Pearson said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s courtship days took place behind closed doors.

“Harry made several surreptitious visits to Meghan’s condo in Toronto.  He would come and go and really nobody figured out who he was, and Meghan was being secretly brought over here, stayed with him in Kensington Palace – and again,  no one was the wiser,” she said.

According to Pearson, Prince Harry and Markle’s decision to keep their relationship private only strengthened their bond. Since they didn’t want the public to know that they were dating, Prince Harry and Markle enjoyed homecooked meals. They also seldom went to the restaurant.

“But I think the intimacy of their early days when they were forced to spend a lot of time at home contributed to their close connection and bond. They knew early on it was going to be a lifelong romance, but they were very cautious, and they tried to keep it under the radar to make sure before they went public,” she said.

The royal expert also said that Prince Harry and Markle were wise enough to make the decision not to make their relationship public. The royal couple was aware that the minute it becomes publicized, it would continue to haunt them if they eventually decide to call it quits.

And Pearson also said that she thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to move out of Kensington Palace was one of their ways to maintain a semblance of the normalcy that they used to enjoy.

But it was previously revealed that Prince Harry and Markle only managed to keep their relationship a secret for six months. Shortly after, photos of them emerged in the newspapers, and their relationship was confirmed.

How Prince Harry ‘Surreptitiously’ Snuck Into Meghan Markle’s Condo To Keep Relationship Private The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are pictured on Jan. 14, 2019, in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. Photo: Danny Lawson/WPA Pool/Getty images