Hunter Hayes: ‘I Might Bribe Ed Sheeran To Collaborate With Me At The Grammys’ EXCLUSIVE

hunter Hayes has been mentioning how much he wants to collaborate with Ed Sheeran for yonks, and to be honest, it’s an absolute travesty that everyone’s fave ginger hasn’t taken the country star up on his offer because we think that it’d be bloomin’ fantastic.

With the Louisiana-born star back in London following his third Grammy nomination, we decided to sit down with him and come up with a master plan on how he can finally convince Ed to sit down and make sweet music with him.

Here’s hoping the plan works, eh?

First of all, we just had to ask, if Hunter were to finally get his hands on that prestigious Grammy this year, will he be calling Ed out on that duet in his winner’s speech?

Er, unfortunately not.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, the 23-year-old told us: “Who did that one year? Didn’t Kelly Clarkson do that?

“That’s a good idea, because then he has to take notice, right?

“But I don’t think that I will be winning the Grammy, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that.”

Discussing the possibility of running into Ed backstage at the music ceremony, Hunter joked: “What’s he into? Guitars? Maybe I should just say that I play guitar too and try and get in that way.

“There’s tons of people who want to work with him who are way more capable than I am, so how do you even sell it?

“Do you bet him? Or bribe him? I might have to bribe him.”

We totally have your back with that one, babes.

Speaking about the first time he met the flame-haired popstar, Hunter told us:  “It was after the Grammys, the first year that I went because afterwards I went to a Justin Timberlake concert and he was there, so we shook hands and talked a little bit.”

Hanging out with Ed bloomin’ Sheeran at a Justin bloomin’ Timberlake concert after the bloomin’ Grammys?! Talk about life goals.

Hunter added: “Probably the place I talked to him the most was after that, when he joined Taylor Swift on her Red tour.

“So we know each other and we are acquainted so we will see what happens, still, there’s no pressure, Ed.”

No, Ed, there’s lots of pressure actually because we really, really want this to happen.

Speaking of TayTay, is the country star of the moment planning on turning his attention to pop any time soon a la Swifty?

Country is my thing,” Hunter told us, “I love collaborations and stuff like that.

“Just because it’s not somewhere you would go with your music, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t interpret it that way and introduce you to a whole new world.

“But I’m absolutely country at heart, and that’s just me – it’s not necessarily a choice kind of thing, but it is a home.”

How poetic.

So it doesn’t look like we will be seeing Hunter flounce aroud stage talking about haters who are going to hate (hate, hate, hate, hate) anytime soon, but hopefully we WILL be hearing he and Ed’s beautiful singing and guitar-playing unite.

Go on, Ed, be a sport why don’t ya?

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