Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem After He Raps About ‘Raping’ Her

We were all left pretty shocked when Eminem released a rather aggressive new rap earlier this week, threatening to ‘rape’ Iggy Azalea.

And as predicted, the Aussie star hasn’t taken the (pretty offensive) lyrics lying down, jumping on Twitter on Thursday night to slam the rapper.

I think you can assume she’s NOT impressed, yeah, Em?!

Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem After He Raps About 'Raping' Her
By MazSight

Iggy, 24, tweeted: “im bored of the old men threatening young women as entertainment trend and much more interested in the young women getting $ trend. zzzz.”

She also mentioned that the (rather explicit) lyrics had caused one heck of an awkward family sitation as her teenage brother is a huge Eminem fan…. although, presumbaly not after this.

The star added: “its especially akward because my 14 year old brother is the biggest eminem fan and now the artist he admired says he wants to rape me. nice!.

“Women in music have the bigger balls anyhow we endure much more harassment and critic. good morninnggggg!!!!!! off to camera block for AMAs!.’

Yeah, we think you just got, like, *totally* owned, Em.

The 42-year-old rapper nearly broke the internet last week when he rapped about wanting to ‘punch’ singer Lana Del Rey in the face on a controversial new track.

And he managed to anger music fans AGAIN, after releasing the new song describing how he’d ‘rape’ Iggy.

We’re pretty sure people were NOT on board with this. 

Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem After He Raps About 'Raping' Her
By MazSight

Despite sending Twitter into meltdown with his pretty darn violent Lana lyrics, Eminem posted a new 1-minute clip called ‘Vegas’ on Thursday, in which he slams the Aussie star.

Lyrics include: “B****, shut the f*** up and get in my car. And suck my f***ing d*** while I take a s***.

“If I let you run alongside the Humvee. Unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s ski.

“So what’s it gon’ be? Put that s*** away Iggy. You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me. Scream! I love it. ‘Fore I get lost with the gettin’ off.”


While we assume that the star isn’t being literal when he talks about ‘raping’ the Iggy (probs just in a musical sense, right?!)… the imagery is NOT the best.

And a lot of Twitter fans were left seriously unimpressed with the lyrics, with one person writing:

“Eminem is a complete weirdo. How could he threaten to rape Iggy Azalea and drag her by his car. Is he mentally alright?”

Another added: “I had respect for you but now that’s gone. You don’t talk about women like that so disrespectful.”

 Just last week, Eminem stirred up controversy when he referenced punching Lana, also mentioning disgraced NFL star Ray Rice – who was recently filmed knocking his wife unconscious.

Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem After He Raps About 'Raping' Her
By MazSight

The lyrics include: “I may fight for gay rights, especially if they d**e is more of a knockout than Janay Rice/ Play nice?

“B**ch I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance/ Til her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.”


Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem After He Raps About 'Raping' Her
By MazSight

While the superstar *may* just be trying to highlight the issue if domestic violence, we’re not sure that Twitter saw it like that.

One user wrote: “why cant eminem ever release music without disrespecting other people; he’s like 40 years old and he attacks a legend like lana del rey.”

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