Iggy Azalea Takes A Tumble On Stage – We Nearly Die From LOLZ

Probably not feeling very ‘Fancy’ now, eh Igz?

Iggy Azalea took time out from being urban and gallivanting around with Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora to provide us with a moment of pure, unadulterated LOLZ.

Have a gander below:

Not going to lie, we’ve had that clip running on a loop for the past 20 minutes (our flatmate is getting quite bored now).

Poor Charli XCX doesn’t know where to look, god love her.

IF ONLY SHE COULD’VE DONE THIS THE OTHER DAY WHEN WE’D MADE OUR COMPILATION OF CELEBRITIES STACKING IT (also guaranteed to made you do a little wee from laughing so hard).

I-G-G-Y is currently in california, prepping for her MTV VMA debut where she’ll be performing new ‘choon’ ‘Black Widow’ alongside West London/Kosovo’s very own Rita Ora.

Indeed, the pair reunited last night at the same gig, where they were watched by none other than Jennifer Lopez herself.


Jenny, formerly of ‘The Block’, later posted a backstage snap on MazSight with the girls, captioning it: ‘We dem girls… fun watching these two cuties perform tonight.’

Sounds like poor Iggy’s tumble went unnoticed by the J.Lo.

Iggy and Rita are going to be joined by a whole bevy of stars tomorrow night, including revenge-attack victim Nicki Minaj, who’ll be performing her new ditty – ‘Anaconda’.

Not only that – iconic pop powerhouse and general ‘boys ’n’ cookies’ enthusiast Taylor Swift will be trying to avoid Kanye West as best she can – she’s performing her new song ‘Shake It Off’ at the event tomorrow night too.

Oh, and Queen Bey will be there and all, probably slayin’ all the basic hoes, yo. 

Well isn’t that all exciting? Get your chips ‘n’ dip in, guys – and let’s hope Iggy Azalea does fracture her pelvis before tomorrow.


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