Iggy Azalea Threatened With Sex Tape Leak By Anonymous Hacking Group Following Azealia Banks Feud

Iggy Azalea has been threatened with the leak of her sex tape unless she apologises to Azealia Banks. No, seriously, this has actually happened.

The two rappers have been embroiled in a vicious battle ever since Azealia lashed out at Iggy for not tweeting about “black issues” in light of the tragic Ferguson shooting a few weeks back, and now hacking group Anonymous have joined in.

On Friday night, the hackers tweeted that they would bring Iggy down and give her a “life of suffering” unless she apologises to Azealia and protestors of the #BlackLivesMatter movement… Erm, kind of dramatic, right?!

Anonymous wrote: “We apologize for our followers with regards to this following statement: F*ck you, @IGGYAZALEA. #ICantBreathe Trashy b*tch.

“We have so much sh*t on you, your scandal would be bigger than Bill Cosby’s. MESSAGE: @IGGYAZALEA, you have exactly 48 hours from now to release a statement apologizing to @AzealiaBanks and the protesters in NYC…

“You are guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner’s death. @IGGYAZALEA

“There’s an X rated tape of you, we bet you’d certainly don’t want public, are we right? @IGGYAZALEA….and this is nothing. Comply or else.”


We don’t know about you but we think that this is taking things just a *tad* too far… Y’know, kinda into the illegal, blackmail side of things?

Not cool, Anonymous, not cool.

This entire spat between the two stars erupted at the beginning of the month when Azealia took to Twitter to launch a foul-mouthed tirade against her.

The 23-year-old seemed unreasonably upset about the fact that Iggy hadn’t tweeted about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

While we’re not *quite* sure why Azealia decided to lash out so dramatically at Iggy in particular, she seemed to have one heck of a bee in her bonnet.

She wrote: “Y’all know I’m gonna be ranting about race issues for the next few days again right??

“Its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen… Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t huh?

“And the media needs to STOP trying to move igloo in on what Nicki has established.

“If you’re down to ride with us b**** you gotta RIDE ALL THE WAY.”

Things then took a rather *ahem* odd turn, when Azealia started joking about pouring stuff on Iggy’s head.

She tweeted: “LOL… IM PETTY, but its so true, ugh, that wannabe black girl s*** makes me wanna throw a jar of my p*** at her LMFAOOOO.”

Yeah, that’s just grim.

Obviously referencing all of the DRAMZ, Iggy responded by tweeting: “I see all hell broke loose while I was at rehearsals today.

“Theres more to sparking a change than trolling on social media. world issues shouldnt be used as a poor excuse to promote fan battles.

“Also try not to judge anothers support or ‘lack there of’ solely on if they have ranted on twitter about it, thats not right or helpful.”

Kudos to Iggy for remaining so civil and pleasant after such a vicious attack.

It then all kicked off again on Friday with the two dishing out the metaphorical hits via Twitter before Anonymous decided to wade in.

Phew, we don’t know about you but we’re a little bit exhausted just thinking about all of this drama – here’s hoping that Anonymous’ threat is an empty one though, eh?

Because we have to say, they have seriously crossed the line with that nasty threat – WHERE IS EVERYBODY’S CHRISTMAS SPIRIT?!

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