Iggy Azalea’s Birthday: Her Best PDA Instagram Pics

She’s just got engaged.

And Iggy Azalea is happy to share the love on her MazSight feed, posting plenty of PDA pics with her fiancé Nick Young, from kissing over an engagment ring to snuggling in bed.

As Iggy celebrates her 25th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her best PDA pics.

1. Iggy’s Engagement PDA


Iggy shared her engagement news in June 2015 with a few cute PDA pics.

The ring remained centre stage, but Iggy and Nick’s shining smiles give the rock a run for its money in the sparkling stakes. So. Cute.

2. Iggy’s Cuddly PDA

The day after their engagement, no caption was needed to express Iggy and Nick’s joy in this pic.

The fiancé and fiancée shared a huge hug, with Iggy scrunching up her eyes with love (and wearing a very cool red brimmed hat, to boot).

3. Iggy’s Birthday PDA

“Happy 30th to my now old man nick! I’ll save the really mushy stuff for inside your birthday card that way you can blackmail me with it later. For now it’s just a simple: I looooove you, I’d do anything for you. Glad you exist etc etc. Ps. If we get old together don’t die before me. (Jk)”

Just before the engagement came this cute PDA pic.

Iggy declared her love not only in a big ‘ole snoggy snap, but also in a seriously sweet message to her love, giving him the best 30th birthday present ever; her undivided love.

4. Iggy’s Valentine PDA

“Happy Valentine’s Day all the way from Hawaii. I love yooooouuuu @swaggyp1”

Iggy shared the Valentine’s Day love in February 2015 with this intimate shot.

The pair snuggled up for a selfie in bed. Those sheets look delightfully silky.

5. Iggy’s Leaning PDA

Iggy and Nick look sooooo loved up as the snuggle up in this pic from May 2015.

When you’ve got each other to lean on, who needs anything else, right?

Keep sharing the PDA pics Iggy, and we’ll keep n’awwwwing all over the place.

Josh Feldman

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