I’m A Celeb 2014: Gemma Collins Has Breakdown Before Even Entering The Jungle

Oh dear.

This year’s I’m A Celebrity… is already getting pretty dramatic and it hasn’t even launched yet!

TOWIE star Gemma Collins has had somewhat of a breakdown before she has even reached the jungle, but why?

Did she find a ten foot python in her handbag? Was she expected to eat cockroaches for breakfast? Did she have to sleep in a tent full of rats?!

Erm… No actually, she was just taken up in a helicopter.


The 33-year-old began to panic when the helicopter fired up its engines and begged to be let off as she burst into tears, saying: “Can you stop a minute please, I’m serious just stop, I need to get out, seriously I’m going to be sick, I can’t do it, no way.”

Once out, Gem calmed down and explained: “I got into the chopper and suddenly felt very scared but thought I can’t show anyone I’m scared.

“But I cried like a baby and I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this jungle lark.” 

We are sure you’ll be fine babes, it’s just a case of mind over matter.

It looks as though the helicopter dramz wasn’t the first time that the Essex girl doubted her decision to ditch her glam lifestyle for the Aussie outback, with Gem previously revealing: “I’m just Gemma from Romford. I am a drama queen – drama just follows me.

“People are going to see the real stripped-back real me, I might just become Bear Grylls, you never know.

“It’s so scary and now I am really questioning why I did this. I feel sick with nerves, physically sick.”

Not the best of starts to be honest.

It is though that Gemma’s recent split with her boyfriend, Alexander Moss, is playing a part in her jittery state of mind, with the star admitting: “The dream before I left England was I was actually so happy, and I’d met this person, and I wanted to have a baby, and get married next year.

“That was the dream and I am heartbroken, but I’m going to be coming back and finding my way again.

 “I’m probably not emotionally ready for the jungle. I’m a nervous wreck, I am upset, but at the same time I’ve been given this massive opportunity.

“I’ve worked for three-and-a-half years out of my life for this. I’ve done my stint on TOWIE, I’ve done other television programmes, and this is the one that everyone wants.

“I’m not going to let any situation stop me from being the best that I can be. However upset I may be, I’ve just got to champion through and do it.

“I’ll have a little tear in the jungle, and it’ll be nice to let the public know what I’m going through, and understand.

“No one takes the GC down. I want to be Queen of the jungle – I am going in there to win.”

Phew, that’s fighting talk if ever we heard it, the other contestants better watch their back now that GC is in town.

Although, GC?

You may want to toughen up just a *little* bit.

We have a feeling that it’s all going to get a whole lot worse than a measly helicopter ride…

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