I’m A Celeb 2014: Kendra Wilkinson Eats Antelope Penis In Bushtucker Trial With Jimmy Bullard

Kendra Wilkinson has to swallow something deeply unpleasant on I’m A Celebrity tonight.

The former Playboy model has had to wrap her lips around a truly disgusting meaty morsel in her bushtucker trial, set to air tonight, after being challenged to eat an antelope penis!

Yes, you did just read that right.

Taking part in the ‘Terror Tavern’ challenge, the 29-year-old American was clearly shocked and disgusted when she was presented with the animal’s privates neatly resting in a cocktail glass.

While her partner in the trial, footballer Jimmy Bullard, found the whole thing utterly hilarious, Kendra looked like she regretted even thinking about taking a trip into the Austsie jungle.

TBH we couldn’t help but smirk at the whole thing either.

But with vital stars – which of course equal delicious meals – on the line, Kendra had no choice but to swallow the animal’s member and think of the rewards.

Later on tonight Jimmy and Kendra will be seen throwing darts at a special board as they eat some less-than appetizing delicacies in a tavern, set up in the jungle – with the only prize being a small portion rather than a large.

Clearly Hugh Hefner’s ex-bunny was on the verge of vomming just at the thought of having to eat the poor antelope’s todger, but Jimmy was a true friend as he tried to reassure Kendra that everything would be ok.

But Jimmy was in for a real nasty surprise as Ant and Dec produced his first course.

Obviously we wouldn’t spoil the whole thing, so you’ll have to tune into I’m A Celeb tonight on ITV at 9pm to see what horrors are lurking in the Terror Tavern.

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