I’m A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins’ Jungle Hell Continues As Katie Hopkins Takes Aim

It’s only been one night, but poor old Gemma Collins is already having a pretty tough time in the australian jungle isn’t she?

We saw her breakdown as the I’m A Celebrity helicopter lifted two feet off the ground at the beginning of the launch, after being told she was one of the unlucky campmates who’d face an early trip to the Celebrity Slammer.

Sadly no tequila available in there guys. Soz and that.

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins' Jungle Hell Continues As Katie Hopkins Takes Aim
By MazSight

But just when the TOWIE star, 33, thought her bumpy helicopter ride had chucked off all its dramatic luggage, it’s being reported that poor Gemma’s jungle journey has led to nasty Twitter trolls rearing their ugly heads.

More out of order than the train station toilets.

And of course, Katie Hopkins just HAD to get involved and make some totes hilarious jokes about Gemma’s body weight.

Does she not have anything better to do? Like, really?

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins' Jungle Hell Continues As Katie Hopkins Takes Aim
By MazSight

The trolling started after Gemma’s ride from hell and her supposed threats to kill herself thanks to a lack of food, as tweeters logged on to berate her for being “the diva of the jungle.” Yikes.

Then, things on the social media site took a turn for the uglier as Gem was the first celeb to brave the jungle shower in her swimming costume, before declaring it to be the worst shower she’s ever had. Understandable.

Sadly, the trolls decided to take the opportunity to make some horrendous jabs about her weight, with some calling her an “annoying fat s***,” whilst another user said “I don’t think anybody wanted to see a Gemma Collins shower scene :’(“

Another user took things to another level, posting a picture of an elephant and calling it “live scenes” from the shower.

Of course, Katie also put her two-penneth in (because we all needed that), posting the tweet above as well as one reading: “Gemma has found a way of deep frying porridge. Good skills from Big Bird. She’s got the Fat Factor #ImACelebrity.”

In the words of Mean Girls, calling somebody else fat won’t make you any skinnier (or nicer) Katie.

Thankfully, some of Gemma’s loyal fans rightfully stood up for the jungle star, fighting against all the fat shaming and hitting back at those who made the fat jokes.

Because fat jibes really aren’t very funny in the grand scheme of things.

We reckon the bad shower was the cherry on top of the grim cake for Gemma, as she had another meltdown in the Slammer and cried out that she “wanted to go home.”


I'm A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins' Jungle Hell Continues As Katie Hopkins Takes Aim
By MazSight

She said: “If I’m not in that camp in 3 minutes I’m quitting.  It’s too much…It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.  It’s a nightmare, I don’t know why I’ve done it.”

We reckon you’ll be alright love.

Just thank your lucky stars you haven’t got internet in there.

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